Locked is the perfect location to host your team building, corporate event or management training.


Our escape rooms are exciting and challenging and require the utmost of your team to work closely together for 60 minutes to escape the room . Boost team spirit within your team with a team building event at Locked – Escape Rooms Thessaloniki. Teams in groups of 2-8 members play the game in one of our escape rooms . In 1 hour up to 16 employees of your company can play the games simultaneously. More time can be devoted to your event by exchanging rooms and playing a second game.


Benefits of team building events at Locked – Escape Rooms Thessaloniki


  • The game lasts one hour – In total this event will approximately take up to 1,5 hrs including a welcome briefing – evaluation and team photo shoot. A major advantage compared with other team building events that often take up a whole day for employees and management teams who are already very busy. A common mistake is that team building events are too long and include too many activities – losing the focus and concentration of team members.
  • Unique – escape the room at Locked – Escape Rooms Thessaloniki is a unique new team building event for those companies tired of climbing and rafting, or paint-balling. The emphasis for once is not the physical but the mental contribution of all employees.
  • The surprising atmosphere of  Locked brings everyone in a different mood. Inspired by the story lines it takes employees out of the office and helps groups break down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and simultaneously have a lot of fun.
  • Team building at Locked – Escape Rooms Thessaloniki provides a powerful team experience allowing companies to compete effectively by enabling staff at all corporate levels to work as true team players.

Improve your morale and leadership skills – break down creativity barriers, identify team members strengths and weaknesses and improve problem solving in your company. Contact us for a tailor made offer!