Escape the City


The project where real-life escape games meet urban exploration!

Would you be up for a challenge full of puzzles and unsolved mysteries taking place in Thessaloniki city center? Clues hidden in common view that only you and your team would be able to locate, which will take you to a unique world of mystery? If a spontaneous smile has been formed on your face then you should keep on reading, this experience is for you!

It’s time to live the ultimate mystery experience!
Escape the city. Παιχνίδι απόδρασης στην πόλη από το Locked


Escape the City is a brand new project which is based on our love for escape games. This project carries the experience of a live escape game on the streets and alleys of Thessaloniki.

Places filled with clues, unexpected situations, and hidden secrets are just a few challenges waiting for those of you who will choose to live this experience!

Prepare your team of 3-7 people, choose carefully sportswear and shoes that will help you overcome every challenge of a trip around the city and book on the games marked with “Escape the City” logo.

Escape the city. Παιχνίδι απόδρασης στην πόλη από το Locked


When you arrive at Locked we will give you all the necessary equipment you need for the game (Backpack, iPad, etc.).

You are now one of us. The biggest challenge is in front of you and a place in the pantheon of mystery awaits you.

Recommended for adults only.

Will you dare to live it?  –  BOOK NOW! 

“City of witches”

“The missing””